High Performance

Steel Trading & Technology GmbH is supplying steels for many different applications for Motorsport and Racing, like gears, any type of shafts, piston rods, frames, shock absorbers and covers. We can supply material according to many different international standards and customer specifications.

We would like to highlight this special materials from our wide range steel program. 1.4548 (17-4 PH), 1.4545 (15-5 PH), 1.4534 (13-8 Mo), 1.6354 (Maraging 300).

So please just send us your needs, we can either offer material directly from stock or also from new production, according to nearly every specification with nearly every possible testing.

As a special service we can offer closed die forgings produced from our material, either in pre machined or final machined condition.

For prototypes or small specialized serial products we are able to offer 3D printed parts from steels 1.4548 (17-4 PH) or 1.6354 (Maraging 300).