Pure Iron

Steel Trading & Technology GmbH has developed together with our qualified producers two different grades of pure iron with more than 99,85% of iron named Super Ferrit 1 (SF1) and Super Ferrit 2 (SF2).

This special dedicated material can be used for Vacuum induction furnaces or as alloying material for standard induction furnaces and electric arc furnaces. This high quality products guarantee very low level in trace elements for special steels and nickel base alloys.

Beside the application as an alloying element, we can offer grade SF1 also in rolled or forged condition to be able to use all advantages of this pure iron according to its corrosion behaviour as well as its magnetic and antimagnetic opportunities.


High purity iron with minimum iron content of 99,85 % iron, extremely low trace elements and excellent magnetic properties.

Applications are in aerospace and transportations, magnetic devices, nuclear and medicine, chemical equipment and as pre material for VIM melting.


High purity iron with minimum iron content of 99,80 % iron and low trace elements.

Applications are pre material for castings, induction melting, base material for special alloys and for VIM melting.