our services

Additionally, to our standard products, we offer very specialised services that perfectly fit the needs of our customers.

3D printing
A modern standard laser cusing powder bed 3D printing machine can produce prototypes and smaller series in stainless steel and alumina. This process is able to manufacture parts that are near shape products with highest quality. Surface can be offered either cleaned and shot blasted or final machined.

In cooperation with our machining partners we can offer either pre-machined parts for further use in machine shop or final products that are machined on modern CNC turning or milling machines.

Together with our qualified partners we are able to offer several different types of open and closed die forgings, like flanges, rings, discs, axles, shafts or connectors. The forgings are produced according to international standards and any customer specifications. All different kind of steels, nickel base alloys and titanium can be offered from single piece to large series.

Heat Treatment
Specialized heat treatments on state-of-the-art furnaces and facilities like standard treatments as solution annealing or soft annealing can be offered as well as quench and tempering, aging or stress relieving. We can offer treatments either on air or several protective atmospheres and even vacuum.