Steel Trading & Technology GmbH offers special high strength and heavy tubes for several special dedicated applications like aerospace, oil & gas, chemical industries, petrochemical industries and defence. Our tubes can be supplied either air melted or in possible combinations with ESR and VAR.

Additionally to distribution from production lots, we are stockholding tubes on customer request based on frame order contracts to guarantee best service with acceptable delivery to our clients.

We also take care about all necessary documents and the transport to assure a strong supply and best customer service.

Ultra Strength Seamless Tubes

Ultrahigh strength seamless tubes are used for many different applications, like gears, pipes or tie rods and can be offered on customer demand. Material properties are exiting compared to drilled bars, especially the toughness values. Machining costs can be reduced significant. This ultrahigh strength tubes can be offered in maraging steels, 17-4 PH and 15-5 PH.

Heavy Tubes

Our special heavy tubes can be supplied either forged and machined or hot rolled and machined. The tubes are offered for many different applications like chemical industries, oil & gas, high pressure equipment or defence. Material can be ordered according to specification either annealed or quenched and tempered.