Open Die Forgings

Together with our qualified partners Steel Trading & Technology GmbH is able to offer several different open die forgings always based on drawings and customer request.

Our open die forgings are dedicated to many different applications like chemical and petrochemical industries, heavy mechanical engineering, oil & gas, shipbuilding and power machinery.

Due to our know how and the capabilities of our partners we can offer forgings in pre machined or final machined condition exactly according to drawings and customers demands.

Steel grades start from quench and tempering steels up to stainless grades and special alloys. Materials can be air melted, ESR or VAR.

Reactors and shells

Reactor bodies and shells for special pressure vessel equipment according to international standards like AD2000, VdTÜVand ASME as well as to special customer requirements or international licence bodies is one of our special open die forged products to be highlighted.

Heades and covers

Like the reactor bodies also heads, covers and cones for pressure vessels can be offered. Due to special demand we can combine our forged products with welded shells.

Rings and discs

Rolled and forged rings as well as forged discs and punched discs is available on customers needs in pre machined or final machined condition.