Quality Policy


We work together with the best in the world, aiming to do always our best that is possible.

Our company is structured, where everybody has its position and its responsibility.

Our common vision pushes us. What unites us is our mission. What joins us is our virtue.


We are looking for a long term relationship with our customers and our suppliers to create a steady growing benefit for all related parties.

We want to be always the first contact from our partners to fulfill their expectations and their needs.

We are going to reach these targets with vertical integration of our products.

We are going to reach these targets with the consolidation of our market position in petrochemical industry.

We are going to reach these targets with the growth of our market position in aerospace and defense industry.

We are going to reach these targets with the start of operations in new selected niche markets.


We develop and supply our products in specialty steels and special alloys, optimised to the demands and needs of our customers.

Our Customers

Customer satisfaction is our major target. To achieve this we always try to create best possible solutions to maximise our customer´s benefit.

Our Innovation

We continuously work to improve our products and processes. Future trends and technologies as well as steady product development guarantee technical leadership and highest quality in our market segments.

Our Employees

We all together actively work on our company to create a safe and wealthy future. We take on demanding work and always try to improve ourselves. We take care about the fundamental needs of our customers and are aware about our responsibility.

Our Environment

We respectful take care about our environment and always try to act environmentally sustainable.

Our Success

We carefully develop our company to achieve long term economical success.